Within, you're taken by the religious, magnificent atmosphere of the place. The imam's voice fill the space as passing people creates an almost surreal picture on this out-of-scale,
all-white environment. 


For anyone into architecture, it is a geometrical feast for the eyes. Pristine white, every stone is carved, laid-out in subtle patterns that connects the visitor to the massive scale of the mosque. The polished floor and reflective pool blur the dimensions, contributing to the sentiment of grandeur that vapors from the court.


Undoubtedly one of the modern wonder, the mosque is a successful blend of traditional culture and modern reality – showcasing state of the art architectural lighting that embrace the building throughout the days and engaging content for its visitor.


Talking about scale!


The inside of the Mosque host the largest hand-weaved carpet in the world. 
Precise lighting highlights the details of the all carved, gold leaf inlayed white stone ceiling.