A 45min boat ride south of Bali, Indonesia; the island of Lembongan is a small paradise famous for it’s diving spot – where you can see a Mola-Mola on your lucky day – and challenging surf break. It is also an appreciated retreat away from the crowded Kuta area.




Actually formed of two islands (Lembongan & Ceningan) and connected by a bridge, it is big enough to be travelled by scooter on a "road" that will challenge your driving skills… Earning me my firsts scooter scars! There’s a few balinese temple spread across the islands and they’re definitively worth stopping by.


One notable trait of the place is the striking amount of seaweed farms surrounding every beaches. Revealed during low tide, one can spot the locals harvesting its valuable goods only to dry them on the sand the day after. With a setting sun for background, it freezes the last hours of day in a golden light.




Devil’s Tear is the kind of place for which you fly half across the globe  – A rocky shore directly facing sunset where the waves break, forming natural pool reflecting the sky.
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