Hiking Mt Washington

Journey to the top


At 6,288 ft, Mt Washington is the highest peak of the Northeastern United State. One renowned as the toughest climb of the area; and at that time. my first major hike in decade!  Located at the hearth of the National Mountain White Forest, New Hempshire, one can enjoy the scenic roads surrounding the place. If only for the view, it is worth paying a visit to New Hempshire and its luxurious pine forest sprawling on the gentle slope of the numerous mountains.

The sun is setting behind Mount Washington, a last peak before hike day.
The first section of the trail is a steep walk through the pine forest. The rocks roughly paving the way are there to make sure that you break your first sweat right from the start
Steadily breaking from the forest cover, what a view!
That rock trail is the way down... Brace your knees
Up there, the air is much colder than at the base. A much needed breeze to cool off and enjoy the view before heading back.