Sailor Jassie

This Bond of Us #1

I already had the pleasure of working with Sailor Jassie before so it felt natural to start this new series with her. "This Bond of Us" is an exploration, a personal reflection on how trends are born, spread on social media before fading away. It is also a really good excuse to shoot a lot of portrait and practice lighting and directing!

Back on social media (read Tinder) after my travellings I was surprised to realize that pretty much everyone was now showcasing a portrait with a septum ring, a jewel that was barely existing 4 month ago. The Normcore trend was reaching high tide and tattoos, only to name a few... Well tattoos will always be there.

All of that got me thinking about why we do what we do, on purpose to identify ourselves as unique being yet become part of an oddly standardized, ever evolving group of people. It seems to me the stronger fashion is present on social media, the more access we have to have, the less variety we actually see in the street.

All of that leading to a fairly strict series of portrait with similar clothing, lighting and minimal accessorization in hope of catching the uniqueness that resides in all of us when you actually take the tame to look one step closer. The pose, the expression, the spark in the eyes.

As I am writing these lines, I have now idea were this series might go given such parameters. Will it lead to a broad range of portraits and emotions or will people fall into a distinctive groupe