Oh Conney!

An afternoon in Conney Island

For reasons I cannot explain, Coney Island has always fascinated me. Maybe that hype came from the photoshoots and portraiture series I kept on uncovering, maybe from the idea of having an old, crazy theme park right on the edge of the city. Odder, as strong as that hold was, I kept on furthering my visit, slowly building the expectations.

At the end of the F line, it is a long ride from Manhattan, or from anywhere else in Brooklyn. As you get of the train you're taken by an atmosphere that does not quite feel like New York. It could be from the cuban music playing or the flock of tourist; there's an excitting feel of travel in the air.


Unfortunatelly the amusment park was closed during that week. Yet a warm sun and a clear sky was enough reason to get there.

If you're into people watching search no more. Everything New York has to offer in terms of eccentric personalities, crazy outfits and odd behaviour is crystalized on that strip. It's a refreshing place of people enjoying the best their city has to offer, be it for a sunbath, a ball game in the sand or a fishing afternoon.

Even a globe trotter deserves some holidays

My personnal favorite. Next time you're around, make sure to visit.