Up Close with / GABRIELLE

On the Road / GASPESIE, QUEBEC     


Up Close with / ANASTASIA

On the Road / OUTAKES FROM POLAND     

On the Road / FRENCH AFFAIR     

Up Close with / ARSINE

Up Close with / JEN

Once in a Lifetime / SUPER MOON ECLIPSE     

On the Road / ABU DHABI     

''I remember that the night was dark, that there was nothing outside. No clouds to reflect the lights, nothing on the ground to grasp the attention [...] ''

Up Close with / LILYA

On the Road / Mt WASHINGTON     

''At 6,288 ft, Mt Washington is the highest peak of the Northeastern United State. One renowned as the toughest climb of the area; and at that time. my first major hike in decade!  Located at the hearth of the National Mountain White Forest, New Hempshire, one can enjoy the scenic roads surrounding the place. If only for the view, it is worth paying a visit to New Hempshire and its luxurious pine forest sprawling on the gentle slope of the numerous mountains [...] ''

Urban Exploration / STREETS OF NEW YORK     

''Streets of New York'' is an ongoing photographic essay to capture NYC's uniqueness. It's a spontaneous exploration that celebrate the unstaged beauty of the everyday [...] ''

Urban Exploration / FRENCH NATIONAL LIBRARY     

Up Close with / JOSIANE

Up Close with / YVES